Simulated Game Shooting

simulating the finest range of live quarry targets


Just like a real days game shooting, but with clay targets instead of the real thing!

Refreshments will be served before the event ,along with a briefing on how the day will proceed. Then it is off for the excitement and fun at the drives. At the end of the all of the drives more refreshments will be available , affording the chance to reflect on the amazing hits (and misses) of all participants.

John runs his own shoot and so is more than capable of emulating all the pleasure of a big bag game shooting day. The difference is that clay targets are used instead of live quarry, this guarantees that you will see plenty of action (and clays) soaring towards you.

Small groups or corporate events can be catered for.

The event will consist of a number of drives with "birds" flushed to the guns, singly and in flurries; in many directions and at varying angles of elevation.

John is a BASC registered and accredited shotgun coach, coach mentor and safe shot assessor, and specialises in Game shooting techniques .
 He also holds CPSA coaching qualifications, holds the NVQ A1 assesors award and is also a member of  APSI and ICSI .

Enjoy a great time with your friends and experience the excitement of a simulated game day.

Simulated Days is run and operated by John Farley.

Call John on 01279 415415 or 07973 890266 Email